Whew…it’s Friday!!  I’m glad to see it and thankful it’s a beautiful day.  After dropping our daughter, Dana, at school I came home with the intent to do a few chores and then go to yoga class.  But gorgeous weather called me outside doing yard work and enjoying the sunshine.  So maybe it wasn’t yoga class but I still did a lot of stretching and meditating while gardening and it was rather therapeutic after a somewhat stressful week.

The past few weeks I have been cleaning up flower beds and filling planters.  In a few weeks we will be entertaining so I’m working on the outdoors areas first…I’m hopeful that the entertaining will flow outside, weather permitting and if the bugs aren’t biting.  Here’s what the outdoors looks like today.






















Hope I’m able to keep things looking this good all summer!

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2 Responses to TGIF

  1. Michele schulker says:

    Hey! I went to yoga and you weren’t there and now I know why… =). You were right about intense yoga…not sure I’ll be going back! Your outdoors is lovely!

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