My first sewing project

I found this at home (on the farm) in a closet and I’m so glad Mom kept it.  This is my first sewing project…okay, first you need to know the time frame…1969.  Now does it make sense?  I remember selecting the fabric at a local fabric store called Eve Lynn in Waynesboro, PA.  I loved the fabric.  I made a simple shift with neck edge and armhole facings and a set-in zipper.  I entered in the 4-H Dress Revue at the county fair that summer and won the Junior Division.  Of course a girl must accessorize with a purse!  Don’t you dig the fringe?  Groovy baby!

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2 Responses to My first sewing project

  1. viperjock says:

    I am very impressed with you, Miss Karen. And proud! Blogging? Really??? You are amazing!!! Jekyll
    (stealing the Rosemary Walnut and Apricot Peach Cookie recipes)

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