Block of the Month Quilt, 2013

Block of the Month Quilt 2013

Over the years I have enjoyed participating in Block of the Month quilts.  I think Jan Patek’s were some of the first that I did.  The catch with doing them is making sure you aren’t doing multiples at a time.  It’s easy to get behind and difficult to get caught up.  There are a ton of really great patterns out there too so it is hard to choose.  Over the past few years I’ve sworn them off, mainly because I have one or two in my quilting queue just waiting for me to get motivated!  Several months ago I quite by accident came across the Temecula Quilt Company website.  I love their style and they specialize in Civil War fabrics and smaller quilts.  So I’m a frequent stalker of their website as well as a customer now.

I decided to bite the bullet and try one of their block of the months using solid fabrics, making 5 blocks a month, each 5″ square.  Now 3 months into it, I am proud to say I’m not behind….yet!  To help keep me on track with the project I decided to display my blocks so that I can always see them.  A piece of jute twine is strung just below the crown molding of my sewing room and using lots of tiny clothes pins from Michael’s  I have one side of the room lined with 15, 5″ squares.


The patterns we are using to do these blocks are Lori Smith’s, Road to Freedom.


I will be updating you on my progress in a few more months when the next wall is full!

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One Response to Block of the Month Quilt, 2013

  1. Dawn Cynamon says:

    Hi Karen,
    I like your strippy quilt – lots of little pieces!
    I’m a friend of Frances and she pointed me to your site so I could see all the lovely things you make. You are a blessed lady to have so many talents and the energy to use them.
    Also, love the auction quilts.
    Dawn Cynamon

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