New Year’s Eve

Are you ready to bring in a new year?  I am and I have some goals for the year.  Some of them are the standards, eat better, exercise more but this year I will add to be a more faithful blogger.  I started Cooking Karen last year and I haven’t followed through very well.  I have tons of photos and recipes and projects I’ve completed but just never got around to sitting at the computer to write about them.  Let’s see if I can do better in 2013!

We spent the Christmas holiday with family in Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania.  Christmas morning at the farm looked like this:


Earlier in the month we had a Holiday Open House for my husband’s office.  It was the first time I didn’t have anyone decline to attend, so the house was packed with 32 people.  This Christmas I enjoyed decorating the house and I must admit it looked nice, seems a shame to pack it all away during the next few days.  Some of the projects I completed were pillows for the living room and family room.

photo-10 photo-12







I used a Scandinavian style ribbon in the living room that was off white with red reindeer and wanted pillows to tie in with it.  In my rather extensive fabric stash I found several yards of a Moda toweling fabric, 18 inches wide, that was perfect.  It had the white stripe woven into the fabric and I found a piece of off white wool, googled for images and came up with these pillows.  The square is 16″ X 16″ and the initial  pillow is 12″ X 16″.  They are Pottery Barn down pillow inserts and I plan on making a series of pillow covers for them…maybe do them seasonally.








These are the pillows for the family room.  Both patterns are by Buttermilk Basin, I favorite of mine for years.  The Winter Basket pillow is wool applique on a wool background 12″ X 16″ and the Holiday Wishes is a monthly Half Pint pillow, wool applique on cotton with cotton embroidery, that is 8″ X 8″.  Trust me you will be seeing more of these.

I have much more to share … but life is all about pacing oneself.  Until next time!

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