A New Chapter

Life has it’s crazy moments….I’m living in one of them now.  Our family has made a big life changing decision and a flurry of wondering, planning, exploring and activity is surrounding us.  After 32 years of faithful and loyal service to our country, my husband is hanging up his USAF uniform.  It’s a bittersweet moment for sure but the ultimate goal for all of us in this lifestyle.  We have been in the throes of planning what is next and the sky is the limit.  For the near future we will move from our current historic base house on the river to another historic home in the same city on the Chesapeake Bay.  We look forward to sitting on this front porch overlooking the Bay and beginning phase 1 of retirement.IMG_0996

But first we have to deal with this….IMG_1087

We had 3000 lbs. of life time treasures go to storage this week.  The remainder of the house…a full 53 foot tractor trailer load will be packed  later this month.  This is move # 18 for this nomadic family and not the last.  Our priority for the immediate future is to allow our wonderful youngest daughter the ability to complete high school here.  Our military families and particularly our children are expected to pull up their roots and move every few years.  Our oldest daughter moved 9 times as she grew up in the military…3 high schools too!  She did so willingly but sacrificed a “normal” childhood.  I don’t know if she has regretted the moving but I will say it has made her the beautiful woman she is today.  She is proudly serving her country in her own way and making us so proud!

So for a while we will be a family in transition while Dana completes high school and plans for her next stage and we figure out what is next.  In the meantime there is a ton of work to do and projects to complete.  I look forward to sharing some of them with you over the next months.


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