Summer Sewing

The sewing room is set up and operating even though there is more organization required.  I’m not sure what possessed me signing up for 2 summer block of the weeks and then another year long block of the month.  I must have figured I would have a lot of time on my hands?  Recently I have made time to do some sewing but I’m woefully behind in the summer projects and haven’t even started the new Block of the Month (first 3 months are waiting on me).  The first summer project is from one of my favorite quilt shops, Temecula Quilt Co., and it’s a Dresden plate quilt.  I’ve only done a Dresden plate one time and it was 20 years ago.  Temecula’s patterns are often tiny and this is no exception.  Here are the first 3 Dresden plates, each about 3 inches in diameter.

IMG_1228Theses little plates are ready to appliqued onto 4 1/2 inch blocks.  There is an accompanying applique block for each plate as well and those aren’t ready yet.  Did I already mention these are tiny?

The next project is one that I’m truly enjoying by Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings.  I was fortunate to work into my busy summer with the urging of my husband, one of her classes at Quilt Odyssey  in Hershey, PA.  It was a wool applique class and we worked on a Christmas Tablemat that hopefully I will show you later this fall. (For a sneak peak look on the Projects page.)  Lisa’s block of the week is called “Words to Live By.”  Again I’m woefully behind but here are the first 2 blocks and a picture of Lisa and myself from class.  Yes, it was the end of the day and I was a little tired plus a little blue.  The Quilt Odyssey  was adjacent to the Hershey Medical Center where we had taken my mother to specialists just a week prior to her death.  Lots of memories flooded back along with some flood waters in my eyes.

ImageIMG_1224Lisa Bongean does a lot of wool applique and her work is beautiful.  It was fun learning her technique and, yes, I came home with 2 more projects and a lot of Valdani pearl cotton.  She does blanket stitch around her wool shapes.  I have been using Maggie Bonanomi’s method with a whip stitch.  I’m using Maggie’s method on Words to Live By but now I wish I was doing blanket stitch.  Oh well, not about to start over!

Here are the first 2 months, Charity and Loyalty.  I have most of the third month complete except the stem stitch embroidery.  Hopefully that will be revealed  in a week.  I have 2 more months prepped for sewing too! Lisa was working on the center medallion of this quilt during our class.  This quilt is going to be  lovely…darn it, wish I was doing blanket stitch!!

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