Peach Fest dinner / family and friends reunion

The Peach Festival is over for another year.  It’s always a ton of work but lots of fun too.  We end the day on Saturday with a big meal back at the farm.  Usually my mom would get the process going by putting items in the oven which I had prepped.  This year her touch was missing so I “clocked out” early from the Peach Fest.  My husband was an excellent sous chef and between the two of us had a wonderful dinner on the table inviting everyone who helped.  Here is the crew we had this year –

IMG_1250We dined on these main courses –



Hard shell crabs purchased from Bill Forrest Seafood in Poquoson, VA.   They were so excellent and we will be returning customers!



Chicken “Lyon”, my version of Carrabba’s Chicken Bryan, grilled chicken breast topped with goat cheese and a lemon wine butter sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and basil.  This was a big hit!


As usual there was plenty of food and it was a lovely evening for our extended family and friends!

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One Response to Peach Fest dinner / family and friends reunion

  1. Michele schulker says:

    Loooooove all the new updates!

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