Weekend Update

During my Saturday morning coffee break on the front porch I watched these fishermen pulling up their crab pots.


This was a different boat and crew than we normally watch.  Every few days they come in and circle the markers pulling the line and emptying the contents.  This weekend I thought that being a fisherman is much like being a farmer….work is always there and never ending.

It’s been a busy week and weekend.  Our daughter’s senior portraits were taken on the porch.  She calls this house the “Senior” house.  Later we attended her first school field hockey game this season.  They were victorious and it was a good start of the season.

We had some neighbors over for dinner on Saturday night.  It was fun getting in the groove of cooking and entertaining.  Here was the menu:

  • Fuzzy Navels
  • Goat cheese grapes
  • Avocado Corn Salsa with tortilla chips
  • Panzanella salad
  • Grilled Flank Steak
  • Stuffed Baked Potatoes
  • Sauteed Broccoli and Green Beans
  • Bread with Basil Oil
  • Apple Butter Ice Cream
  • Ginger Snaps

It was a delightful evening on the Chesapeake….I’ll share some of the recipes soon.  One of our guests made the comment it was like a Downton Abbey dinner.  We certainly weren’t formal and there were no servants, although we do have an entertaining servants bell located under the dining table.  It’s covered by the carpet and a foot placed in just the right spot will ring for Mister Carson.

Sunday I  followed the Downton Abbey theme and pulled this out.


I have a box of tarnished old silver plate silverware.  This is a set of 6 place settings and the box contained my Grandma Martin’s everyday silverware too.  I remember eating many meals with that silverware.  Not sure where the other odd pieces came from.  Probably they were things my grandparent Browns picked up.  Their hobby or together time was going to auctions.  Charlie has another box from his home to add as well.  Some of this stuff is solid black but with allot of silver cream and elbow grease they polish beautifully.  This is a before and after shot.


It took an hour to get these 4 pieces polished.  I definitely have my work ahead.  I’ll be channeling Downton Abbey for awhile.  Maybe I should try to do one piece a day…if I don’t loose interest.  And when does Downton Abbey Season 4 begin in the U.S.?


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2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Denise Heck says:

    Karen, The silverware is the same pattern that Nanny had! I have them here in Waynesboro waiting for some polishing! Anytime you feel the need to polish….come on up! Denise

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