A New Trick and Another Word to Live By

In a previous post I mentioned that over the summer we moved, our 18th move in 31 years.  This location is only for a year until our youngest daughter graduates from high school in May 2014.  So we decided we will make this house comfortable but won’t open every box and hang everything on the wall.  With that being said, after several months, I can’t stand bare walls.  This lovely old house has plaster walls so I’m a little leary of just pounding nails in the walls to hang things.  I know I’ve seen this in a variety of magazines and it worked like a charm.  I used some packing paper and traced the outline of the picture and marked where the hangar should be placed.  I arranged the paper on the wall using a level and taped them.  Standing back I auditioned the look then moved higher/ lower/ larger or smaller spacing, etc.  Since I pre-marked the hangar placement I quickly and efficiently put hangars on the wall and then…..



(a pleasing arrangement?)

(X marks the spot)

Ta Daa!

IMG_1317Our watercolor paintings of Germany are on the living room wall.  This feels more like home.   Now to move on to a few other rooms but we are only hanging a few things.  Before we know it everything will be packed again…sigh!!  So that’s my new trick and definitely one that will be repeated.  I folded up the paper templates I made to use in house # 19.

I also completed another block of my “Words to Live By” quilt….Hospitality.


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