Life is all about perspective.  I’m trying to work on all my projects.  My husband has labeled me as ADD and he just may be right.  Too many projects and I am overwhelmed which turns into being paralyzed.  I’m attempting to shake that feeling.  I’m channeling the Nike commercials, Just Do It!

Sometime ago I wrote about a summer block of the week with Temecula Quilt Co. called, “Sweet Summertime.”  It’s  an applique quilt with small Dresden plates.  I can happily say I have all the Dresden plates complete but still working on small applique blocks…I’ll be ready to sew it together soon…I’m so excited.  But to give you some perspective here is a photo of one of the Dresden plates…

IMG_1443That’s 13 little pieces in the palm of my hand!  Fortunately I only had 17 of these babies to assemble.

Oh, and I did finish another “Word to Live By,” Love.


Now, to pry myself away from this computer…it’s been a major time drain lately plus I’m finding more ideas for projects!  That’s not a good thing!


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