Cooking in the Kitchen

Friday afternoon I spent several hours cooking in the kitchen with all 4 burners going.  It was a great afternoon but you don’t want to eat what I cooked!  I had the dye kitchen set up…dyeing wool.

dye kitchen

It’s a fun process and you never really know what the pieces will look like until they dry.  I have a fairly large collection of wool and I overdyed some white, beige, tan pieces.

Image 5There’s 3/4 yard of wool cooking in this pot…the color will be New Denim Blue, hopefully. Each dye pot takes about an hour to set.  I’m using Jacquard acid dyes but I’m thinking I may change to a natural acid dye line which is less toxic and more environmentally friendly.

ImageAnd this is my rainbow by the end of the afternoon:

First 3 pieces New Denim Blue, Belfast Blue, Ocean Edge, 2 pieces of Pomegranate, Old Barn Red, Lichen, Toast, 2 pieces of Christmas Pine, 2 pieces of Deep Warm Earth.

Hmmm…thinking I might spent another afternoon in the dye kitchen this week…those pieces of Christmas Pine are a little bright and will probably go back into the dye pot plus I’d like to try some lavender shades.

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