Porch Projects

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful here in the Tidewater.  We have spent a lot of time on the porch.  My husband has become the official boat counter / harbor master tracking vessels going in and out.  He cross references them with a “ship finder” app (which by the way could use some modifications) on his iphone, using binoculars to verify the ships identity.  It’s almost a full-time job!  This has been a banner week with the sightings of a couple of submarines, dolphins, a pair of bald eagles, multiple helicopters, sailing lessons, a possible sighting of a “school” of turtles, tugs pushing barges, multiple container ships from a variety of countries, a playful pair of mockingbirds dancing in the front yard, a few fishing boats, and an aircraft carrier.  Yesterday I spent most of the day on the porch consuming my breakfast and lunch there and working on projects until 4:30 pm when it was time to start supper.

I pulled out some new things to work on and to christen my new rughooking frame.

IMG_0208This frame is wonderful and is my first floor frame.  Here is why I like it…adjustable height, adjustable tilt of the frame, the frame rotates freely 360 degrees (like a steering wheel), carding strips to hold the rug backing, and a comfortable place to put your feet.  My cousin Melissa (who is known as a bad influence on me) introduced me to this piece of equipment!  Shortly after she mentioned it to me I found an envelope of money, a birthday/Christmas gift from my mother that had dropped under the seat of my car.  It brought tears to my eyes reading her handwriting and finding this gift from her nearly 2 months after her death.  So I viewed it as a sign that Mom wanted me to have this rughooking frame.  I purchased it and have had it months now.   This week I decided it was time to give it a whirl.

Image 1I kept the envelope from Mom and have it on one of my white boards in my sewing room.

On the rug hooking frame is the first chair pad in a series of 4 antique buttermold patterns.  Mom had her kitchen table and chairs refinished last year and asked me to make chair pads for her.  This is what she selected so it was only fitting that I work on these which I purchased from theoldtatteredflag.com.

ImageThistle flowers pattern on linen.

IMG_0210My progress so far.  Give me a day or two and it will be finished…the hooking part, binding will take another day or two.

My other porch project is a wool applique pillow.  I need to rotate projects as my fingers tend to get sore…unfortunately the beginning of arthritis is setting in.

IMG_0207This is another of many Maggie Bonanomi projects I have.  It will work up quickly….give me another hockey/football game or two and it will be ready for stuffing!

Need to get out on the porch to see what I’m missing!

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One Response to Porch Projects

  1. Michele schulker says:

    Love seeing your projects – ESP. The hooking frame you were so excited about!

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