November Update

Wow…time flies…where did October go?  Life has been fast and furious and mornings on the porch are rather chilly now.  Afternoon is the new porch relaxation time sometimes wrapped in a quilt!

Field hockey season will be wrapping up this week.  The team goes to the state playoffs tomorrow….a 4 hour roadtrip!  Charlie and I have had a fabulous time cheering our girls on and we are pretty sad to see it end.  Dana’s high school sports activities will officially become only memories!

Though that is ending we also have some beginnings…college applications and a new job for Charlie.  The college search is a little tense but exciting, just like job hunting!  Charlie has found a good second career position which will allow us to remain in this area.  We are excited about the new opportunity and started looking for the stage 1 retirement home.  Retirement for us is a multi-stage process.

With field hockey, Capitals ice hockey games and football games…the sports dance card has been full.  The games we watch on TV usually find me in a chair with a project in my lap.  This past month this is what I managed to work on:

Another “Word to Live By”…. Passion

IMG_1480Some hooked mats that I’m using for thank you gifts…better late than never!









The local Quilt Show…my entry “November’s Song”



Party Planning….An 18th Birthday party







Hockey Season…road trips to DC, eating out, and showing we are TRUE hockey fans by knowing the player’s parents.  Here we are this past weekend with Alex Ovechkin’s father!








I’ve been working on other stuff too… I’m almost finished the first antique buttermold chair mat, finished sewing my Downton Abbey quilt top and it’s now in the machine quilting queue, started another hooked mat that will be a thank you gift, worked on two more Words to Live by blocks and started a wool applique Christmas tree skirt.  So many projects and not enough hours in the day!  And  the Holiday Season is quickly approaching too!

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One Response to November Update

  1. viperjock says:

    Good Heavens, woman! I wish I had a tenth of your energy. Or maybe not…thanks for the newsy update! Jekyll

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