Christmas Recovery

Wow!  Here it is New Year’s Eve.  I’m ready to bring in 2014 but first I need to recover from Christmas 2013.  Here are some of the things I made for Christmas gifts…and as usual it was a photo finish!


All the Martin ladies received Apple Sewing Kits.  I found this pattern at a local quilt shop and just couldn’t walk by it…I tried, I really did!   When you open the apple it looks like this:

IMG_1585IMG_1586And this is what you find in the zippered half of the apple:IMG_1588 Now for the truth…I started these for Christmas 2012 knowing that Mom would love it.  Unfortunately she never received hers so I gave it to Barb, the person who worked beside her at the greenhouse and farm market for years and is like a member of the family.

My other Christmas gift for the family was a tea towel.  Each Martin family received one and all of the younger generation members as well.

IMG_1561Growing up I remember both my grandfather Martin and my father reciting this at the family dinner/supper table.  I honestly heard it hundreds of times and remember the lyrical way they said it but never could remember it word for word.  My grandfather always said it in a hushed voice…my father did very few things in a hushed voice so why I don’t have it memorized I’ll never know.

My sister-in-law, many years ago, had the presence of mind to have my grandmother Martin write this blessing and years ago she gave me a copy of it.  Thank goodness it surfaced in our move to the house on the bay.  When it did I knew exactly what to do.  I saw on Pinterest (so many ideas, so little time) a website where you can design your own fabric and paper.  I spent some time editing, uploading and designing the tea towel (I must add that I also spent some time swearing too!)  I uploaded the design and was able to get 10 repeats on 3 yards of linen/cotton fabric.  Several weeks later, the fabric arrived I cut out the tea towels, hemmed the edges and added a cotton twill tape in the corner for hanging.  Let’s just say that the oldest member of the family, Uncle George, 94, choked up when he read it and the youngest members of the family, our daughter Dana, 18 and Justin, 16, said we should frame it.  I think that means this gift was a hit for young and old.  By the way, both Dana and Justin said the blessing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Both did it willingly with tea towel in hand!

The other thing I have to show you is an addition to holiday decorating this year.  It’s maybe a little silly but I really like it…I made stars, one for the top of the Christmas tree  and two for the mantle.

IMG_1605IMG_1607These stars are made from old wooden carpenter’s rulers.  I saw my grandfathers pull these out of their overall pockets time and time again.  Over Thanksgiving I visited a new antique shop where my father-in-law lives and saw this.  A great idea that literally takes 30 seconds if you have a ruler.  Let’s see, what else did I find there?  Something I’ve been searching for years

IMG_1610This spool cabinet is in really good shape…I’ve been looking for a Coats & Clark cabinet but haven’t found one that is in good repair.  This one works great and is a useful and practical addition to my sewing room.

IMG_1611Inside are all my wool embroidery threads, Valdani 3-strand floss and pearl cottons.  Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me!

By the way I did have a banner year at Christmas.  Charlie and the girls gave me these beauties –

IMG_1612Today I’m working on my list of 2014 goals…I’m not calling them resolutions because I rarely follow through…and the list is rather long.  I’ll share those another day.  For now, I’m preparing to close the chapter on 2013 and look forward to 2014!  Cheers!

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  1. viperjock says:

    Wonderful post, Karen. Happy New Year!

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