Bring on 2014!

    New Years Eve Kiss

   Since the sprint to the Christmas finish line, I have thought about this coming year.  Many of us do that and in years past I’ve made resolutions that I’ve lost track of in the following weeks and months.  I hope to do better this year on my goals.  As a trained educator, I know that objectives must be measurable and reachable.  I also know that life events often take priority over these goals…life events did me in last year.

2014 will also have some major life events – our youngest daughter graduating from high school and beginning college (location TBD),  the purchase of a home, (yes we are leaving this beautiful, but quirky rental home on the Chesapeake Bay), and the upcoming nuptials of our oldest daughter in the Fall.  I’d call those major life events, how about you?  It will surely be a busy year with lots of happy events!

So my goals for 2014:

1 – Pray more.  Last year was a banner year for me in that department and I want to keep that in my life.

2 – Seek happiness…ok, that’s not too measurable but I will know if I’m doing it…last year that was often difficult.  If I strive to accomplish this list or at least most of this list I’ll be on my way.

3 – The old standard…live a more healthy life.  Exercise 3 times per week and lose the weight I gained in 2013 before I am the mother of the bride!  I also have my 5 year cancer free check-up in the spring and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have better test results on my blood work!  Genetics are working against me!

4 – Read one book a month.  Actually I do audiobooks while I cook or sew.  I’m still on an email list of a book group in Alexandria and they select some of the best books…I hope to keep up with them from afar.

5 – Blog twice a month.  That’s easy right?  Well, not so much but I’ll try.

6 – Cook from my extensive cookbook library.  I love cookbooks and pick one or two up whenever we travel somewhere.  I’ll use one or two recipes then put it on the shelf.  I want to dust that cookbook shelf more often this year.  So I hope to pick a cookbook each week (Sunday) and try at least one new meal from it during the week.

7 – Brace yourself…No new quilt/rug projects!  I will work only on the ones I have in my sewing room.  I let my quilt group in on this goal a few weeks ago.  They looked at me in astonishment then laughed.  Trust me I could sew or rug hook for years with the collection I have in my sewing room.  But this will be the difficult one since the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival is coming up in February, only 4 miles from the house, and I have committed to a quilting retreat at Woolen Willow in May with my cousin, Melissa, who is a bad influence on me (I hope she’s reading!)

8 – And last but not least, get more organized.  I once was so organized and somehow that has slipped away over the last 10 + years.  When the girls were young I was perhaps the most organized and I realized that was because they had a schedule that I was following. Their mood would often depend on how well I was keeping their schedule.  I would like to get in a daily rhythm or schedule that will help me feel more organized and in control of my time.  The older I get the more difficult that is.  I am a great list maker so maybe that’s where I should start…need to reflect on this one more!

Okay, there you have it.  I think I’ve covered it all so wish me luck this year.  Now as I look back at the list I am already overwhelmed but still looking forward to an exciting, action packed, and fun-filled year! ( That statement should give me points towards goal #2!)  Until next time…I’m off to put an exercise DVD in!

Happy New Year!


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